Autistic Reality Podcast: A Disability Rights Tour of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial with Jim Dickson

  • Sep - 02 - 2020
  • Alec Frazier, Host of The Autistic Reality Podcast, Author, Disability Advocate, and Journalist

The Autistic Reality Podcast, hosted by author, disability advocate, and journalist Alec Frazier, focuses on policy and pop culture from the perspective of the Disability community. In this episode, Frazier engages disability rights activist Jim Dickson, an FDR Memorial Legacy Committee Co-founder, for a verbal tour of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. 

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, DC is the largest monument in the nation’s capital. It celebrates the heroic aforementioned president who lived his adult life with a paralytic illness that made it impossible for him to move his body below the waist, yet got the United States out of the Great Depression and saved the world from tyranny in the Second World War. FDR’s disability was a fundamental piece of who he was, and yet disability rights advocates and activists had a long, uphill battle to include a realistic, yet inspiring portrayal of his disability in his official Memorial. These efforts were led in part by disability activist Jim Dickson, who gives a disability rights tour of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial in this podcast entry. We recommend listening to this podcast entry on your cell phone as you walk through the memorial, and learn the powerful truths about our nation’s leading physical commemoration to disability rights.


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