Mission and History of the Committee

Our Mission

Every year, nearly 2.5 million people visit the FDR Memorial, which was dedicated in 1997, to pay tribute to our longest-serving president. FDR led a battered country out of the Great Depression and rallied a reluctant nation during World War II. These accomplishments, among others, are dramatically highlighted at his Memorial.

In 2019, the FDR Memorial Legacy Committee (FDR Committee) was established by individuals who helped lead the completion of the Memorial with the addition of the Prologue Room in 2001 which includes the statue of FDR in a wheelchair and a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. The mission of the FDR Memorial Legacy Committee (FDR Committee) is to promote FDR’s and Eleanor Roosevelt’s legacy of leadership as celebrated at the FDR Memorial in Washington DC. The FDR Committee will educate and cultivate future leaders to uphold and expand FDR and Eleanor’s principles of equality, opportunity, dignity, and perseverance.